Icelandic Group beefs up management team to prepare for Asia growth –

Icelandic Group beefs up management team to prepare for Asia growth Published:  01 May, 2013

THE Icelandic Group has strengthened  its management team in the light of its intended plan to focus on Asian markets, with special emphasis on China and Japan.

The group, which also has extensive production facilities in the UK through its two Grimsby sites, has already declared that it is looking East for further growth. That plan took on greater significance last week after the announcement of an Iceland-China free trade deal with seafood at its core.

The Icelandic Group has announced that  Dr. Eythor Eyjolfsson is joining the company as managing and representative director, Icelandic Japan K.K., based in Tokyo. At the same time, Jonas Engilbertsson, current managing director, Icelandic Japan K.K. will transfer to Iceland to take up the position of managing director procurement, Icelandic Group.

Dr Eyjolfsson has, for the last 20 years, been active in developing seafood businesses mainly in Japan and Iceland. In 1994 he joined the successful start-up company Coocon, which was sold to Stolt Sea Farm in 1996 and became managing and representative director Stolt Sea Farm, Asia Pacific. Between 2005 and 2007 he  was managing director and co-owner of Salmar Japan, building Salmar’s commercial base in Japan and was also the Icelandic consul in Japan until 2009. During the past three years he was managing director, Stolt Sea Farm Iceland, building the world’s largest land based farm for sole in Iceland

Meanwhile, Jonas Engilbertsson has worked in the field of purchasing and procurement of seafood for most of his career. Since 1999 he has been working  for  the Icelandic Group, initially as purchasing manager based in Uganda, Africa and then as purchasing manager based in Germany. More recently he has been  managing and representative director for Icelandic Japan K.K. in charge of both the Japanese and Chinese markets for the Group

 Magnus Bjarnason president and CEO of Icelandic Group said yesterday, Tuesday: “As a leading global seafood company, the growth in Asia is a strategic priority for the company. These appointments represent the significant steps we are taking to strengthen our business in Asia and our procurement capabilities from Iceland.

“They are the catalyst for the company to lead the way in the marketing of Icelandic Seafood in this, one of fast growing global markets.”

In the UK the Icelandic Group owns Coldwater Seafoods and Seachill, makers of the highly successful Saucy Fish  Co range.