Hudghton Slams Blocking Move –

Hudghton Slams Blocking Move Fishing Monthly Published:  06 February, 2003

SNP Euro-MP Ian Hudghton has condemned what he claims are the latest attempts by the Scottish Executive parties to block EU funding for Scotland’s fishing communities.

A proposed resolution currently being considered by the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee had called for the EU to allocate €150 million to compensate coastal communities in the wake of December’s disastrous fisheries decision. However, Mr Hudghton said MEPs from both Scottish Labour and the Scottish Lib Dems have circulated amendments which seek to remove any specific demands for extra EU funding. Mr Hudghton said the moves follow recent revelations that the Foreign Office would block any Scots bid for EU cash.

Mr Hudghton said:”It beggars belief that Labour and the Liberals have come together in a coalition in the European Parliament to block vital European cash. The Fisheries Committee’s proposed resolution demands that the EU coughs up money to help our fishing industry survive – the Lib-Lab alliance is more interested in pleasing Elliot Morley in London.”