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Hopes for fish price rise Published:  06 April, 2009

FISH will be plentiful for the start of the traditional Holy Week landings which start to today. Although traditional religious observance in the UK has declined markedly in the past few decades, the run up to Easter is always a big time for the fish trade and the public still buy more fish at this time than in any other period of the year.

Grimsby is expected to receive at least 5,000 boxes, boosted by the arrival of another Icelandic long line trawler, while Hull’s Fishgate market handled well over 3,200 boxes today including 800 boxes of cod, 1,500 boxes of haddock and 700 boxes of Greenland haddock. Landings at both markets on Tuesday and Wednesday – Grimsby’s traditional showday – are also expected to be good.

However, after last week’s cod and haddock prices slump, all eyes will be on the auctions to see how much fish makes. The hope is that the increased demand will bring prices back up, but few people are holding their breath. The irony is that with UK food prices generally showing an 18 per cent increase, fish is one of the few commodities currently bucking the trend.

Orn Jonsson of Atlantic Fresh in Grimsby, the main Icelandic importing company, said there should be plenty of good quality fish available this week. But he added that if prices continued to drop further, the Icelandic long trawler skippers may decide it is no longer economically viable for them to bring their vessels to the Humber.