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Herring Grouping Says No To Increase Fishing Monthly Published:  24 July, 2003

A MAJOR herring and mackerel catching group has underlined its view that the North Sea herring quota should not be subject to another significant hike for next year.

Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association administrator Derek Duthie said poor year class recruitment means there is no point accepting another significant rise in availability, then be subject to cut backs after that .

“As far as we concerned, we do not want to see another increase in the North Sea herring fishery.The herring quota went up 50% this year and there is talk of another possible rise of around 20% for next year.

“But there is no point in accepting a big increase then having a decrease the year, after given that the most recent year class entering the fishery is one of the poorest for some time.Our position is we should bank this further increase.”