Grimsby loses out on £14m seafood funding –

Grimsby loses out on £14m seafood funding Published:  23 October, 2012

GRIMSBY has lost out on its bid for £14 million of Government funding to help establish a seafood manufacturing cluster in the area.

The industry had hoped to tap into the cash through the Regional Growth Fund. Although the town was successful in winning up to  £30 million towards expanding the offshore renewables (wind turbine) sector, the bid for seafood funding was unsuccessful.

If  the bid had been approved a number of private business had promised to back it with investment  totalling some £60-million plus of their own. Together they would have created between 900 and 1,000 jobs in fish and seafood manufacturing.

The news was greeted with disappointment within the industry. Grimsby FMA chief executive Steve Norton said it would have helped a lot of small and medium independent seafood related businesses.

At the Humber Seafood Summit in September, Jorgen Lund from the North Atlantic Seafood Forum said his organisation backed the bid, describing Grimsby as one of the most important seafood producing clusters in the world and adding that the bid presented a superb opportunity for growth.

Refusal is all the more disappointing because the bid got through the first round and had been backed by organisations like the local council as well as Grimsby’s MP Austin Mitchell.

The recent success in persuading Morrisons to open a major seafood production facility in Grimsby was thought to be only the tip of the iceberg if North East Lincolnshire had been able to attract the funding.