Good Market for Hi-Tech School Visit –

Trinity House School¹s head of geography and business studies James Stutt, and students Lee Norsden and Matthew Kavanagh. The visit was arranged by Andrew Marr, right, chairman of Andrew Marr International

Good Market for Hi-Tech School Visit European Fish Trader Published:  28 June, 2002

“Traceability” was added to the curriculum at one of the country¹s leading nautical colleges yesterday when senior pupils from Hull Trinity House School made the first educational visit to Fishgate, the city’s new quality-driven fish trading centre.

The school has an annual familiarisation tour of the port¹s fishing industry but this year the high technology input took a leap forward

as they were shown the fish tracking systems, the automated grading and weighing systems and, finally, the all-electronic auction.

Fishgate director Magnus Gudmundsson, who escorted the party round the environmentally controlled processing lines and auction hall, said: “We had a good market today with 800 boxes of mainly cod and haddock from the Faroes, so the students were able to get a clear picture of how modern technology helps us maintain quality from the point of capture through to the point of sale.”

With ocean resource management an increasingly important element of maritime education the fishing industry visit was pioneered by Andrew Marr International of Hull whose chairman Andrew Marr, an honorary brother of Trinity House, Hull, accompanied the party.

Fish markets throughout the UK have been slack recently but there has been a marked improvement at Hull, where the quality regime is beginning to show dividends. Fishgate has marketed more that 170 tonnes so far this week.