Goldfish part of unusual art piece –

Goldfish part of unusual art piece Published:  25 September, 2006

ARTIST Seth Weiner has produced an unusual piece of contemporary art that has sent ripples of interest through the “tech-nerd” world. The “Terranaut Project”, which sees a fishbowl attached to a pair of wheels and a computer, has given one lucky goldfish the chance of untold exploration!

A camera has been placed above the fishbowl and is used to track the fish’s movements. Through wireless transmitters the information is converted into wheel movements, which in turn propel the “vehicle” forward.

Although the goldfish will probably be unable to comprehend the experience, due to the fact the concave bowl diminishes visibility, this hasn’t hindered the popularity of its arrival on Internet site YouTube, and other related blogs.

The project is also on display at the Exit Art Gallery, New York, unitl December 23. is published by Special Publications. Special Publications also publish FISHupdate magazine, Fish Farmer, the Fish Industry Yearbook, the Scottish Seafood Processors Federation Diary, the Fish Farmer Handbook and a range of wallplanners.