Global Trust receives full ISO 65 Accreditation for FAO based fishery certification –

Global Trust receives full ISO 65 Accreditation for FAO based fishery certification Published:  09 February, 2012

Global Trust Certification has announced that after an eighteen-month long external and formal ISO assessment process, Global Trust Certification has received formal notification of its full ISO 65 accreditation for the FAO based Certification of Responsible Fisheries Management Program.

This ISO 65 accreditation encompasses the standard, the assessment process and the certification process that has been in operation since 2010. It is typical that the accreditation evaluation process can take up to two years to complete as it requires a review of at every aspect of the program.

This ISO Accreditation notice comes as timely news for the fisheries in Iceland, Alaska and others which have embraced the FAO- based certification and will be of interest to other interested fisheries and markets which will now more clearly understand the credibility of the FAO based program.

The certified communication for the FAO-based program is “Responsible Fisheries Management for Sustainable Use” and it is proving to be an attractive and practical option for fishery authorities who have been frustrated with other programs.

The accreditation for this program is formal ISO Guide 65 accreditation from a National Accreditation Body of the International Accreditation Forum. It clarifies at the highest level that the FAO based program has independence, transparency and credibility.

ISO 65 accreditation has become the required benchmark for food certification programs across the world by both markets and regulatory authorities. It forms the basis of highest reassurance for communications such as Organic, Food Safety Management and all food certification standards approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative and Food Authorities.

This announcement is an accreditation first for Fishery Management Certification as no other fishery certification management program in the world has received or can formally claim these formal and official ISO 65 Accreditation accolades.

Peter Marshall, CEO of Global Trust said: “ This is great news for our clients and great news for Global Trust. It helps defend the FAO-based standard, the assessment process and certification process from false accusation. The FAO-based program is called the FAO based program because it is directly derived from the FAO reference documents. We are giving credit where it is due. There has been no need to re-create the globally managed management references that the FAO created in their Code of Conduct and Eco-labelling guidelines.”

Marshall adds: “The certified communication for successful fisheries is “Certified Responsible Fisheries Management” which is practical, realistic and objective. The fact that the fisheries will have Certified Responsible Fisheries Management means that sustainability journey for the fishery is reassured, the stock can be fished sustainably when managed correctly.”

Accreditation is when an organization that provides certification, testing and inspection services is assessed by a third party against internationally recognized standards typically ISO. It demonstrates the organizations competence, impartiality and performance capability and is the key to reducing risk and ensuring that consumers, suppliers and purchasers can have confidence in the services provided.