Glasgow pupils take part in seafood workshops –

Glasgow pupils take part in seafood workshops Published:  26 March, 2013

Seafood Scotland is continuing its highly successful Seafood in Schools programme with an interactive event at All Saints Secondary School, Glasgow, today, Tuesday.  Around 250 pupils from the school and local primary schools will be attending the event.

The youngsters are taking part in five workshops with their classmates. Catriona Frankitti from Fish for Health is on hand to explain how good seafood is for  health and to tempt pupils to try a selection of fish and shellfish high in Omega 3.  Fish is kindly supplied by Dawnfresh, SSMG and Macrae Edinburgh.

Journalist Rob Fletcher is exploring ways of describing seafood, and local coordinator Marie Clare James is hosting an exciting workshop where pupils  have the opportunity to see and handle fresh and live species including crab, lobster, haddock, monkfish, squid and more.  Seafood for the display has been supplied by John Valance from Glasgow Fish Market.

Chefs Jav Aziz, who cooks at Ibrox and David McLelland, is cooking up some tasty dishes for the pupils to taste, then recreate at home for their parents.

The final workshop will test pupils’ knowledge about seafood with a fun quiz, with a prize for the overall Fish Knowledge Champion!

In addition to students from All Saints Secondary School, pupils will also be attending from St. Marthas, St. Catherines, St. Philomena’s, and St. Monicas Primary schools.