French Consumption On The Rise –

French Consumption On The Rise Published:  26 April, 2002

Portioned fish is becoming more popular

HOUSEHOLD consumption of fish in France increased four per cent both in volume and average price in 2001, compared to the same period in 2000.

According to a survey by Secodip for the French fish marketing body Ofimer, with the exception of sole, dogfish and to a small extent trout, all species showed positive growth in value.

The portioned fish sector experienced massive growth, accounting for 61 per cent in volume and 68 per cent in value for fresh fish sales (compared to 58 per cent and 65 per cent respectively in 2000). The development of the portion sector was noticeable for pollack, salmon, whiting, tuna and especially Nile perch.

•For further analysis, see the June 2002 edition of European Fish Trader.