FREE TRIAL OFFER FOR AFOS DEFROSTERS Published:  28 September, 2010

AFOS is putting forward a defrosting solution to help fish and food processors across the world comply with tightening hygiene and food standards rules.

AFOS is offering to provide a defrosting machine for trial free of charge so that processors can gain first hand experience of its benefits both in adhering to hygiene standards and improving profitability.The T500 machine comes with a touch screen control panel and has a capacity of 500kg. It can defrost all species of fish, shellfish, meat, poultry and vegetables.AFOS defrosters deliver precise defrosting, increase yields, provide traceability and increase shelf-life of products. They are approved by major retailers such as Marks & Spencer.AFOS defrosters have been on trial in the USA, Australia and Europe and so far every company that has trialled a defroster and has a genuine defrosting need has placed an order.AFOS Sales Director Peter Martin said: “Food standards agencies and major retailers are tightening their policies on traditional methods of defrosting.”Our range of defrosters can solve this problem by providing an approved solution that will not only provide retailers with the assurances they require but also enhance our customers’ businesses.”Customers are finding that  they are recovering the cost of the machine within 6 -18 months through:·         Labour savings from reduced material handling·         Yield improvements·         Reduced process times·         Reduced water and energy costsMr Martin added: “We can supply machines with capacities from 250kg to 13,500kg but the T500 is a good machine to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of having a controlled defrosting system that can be built into the production line.”The machines are available for up to 4 weeks and will be installed by one of our engineers who will provide full support and consultancy.”Companies interested in this offer should contact Jennie Stone on 01482 372100.