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Fleetwood looks to Grimsby for fish park inspiration Published:  05 August, 2013

FLEETWOOD is pressing ahead with plans for a multi-million pound fish and food park in the former distant water fishing port – and has looked to Grimsby for guidance.

Representatives from Wyre Council and Wyre Fish Dock Management have paid a visit to the Grimsby Seafood village, which opened nearly 18 months ago, and returned impressed.

Like Grimsby, Fleetwood was once home to a large distant water fishing fleet which has long since gone. The port has also lost important fish processing investment in recent years but it is trying to rebuild its seafood industry.The seafood park project, which is part of Fleetwood’s long term economic revival plan, has had a chequered history.

Following pressure from local fish processors, it was conceived four or five years ago but was then shelved following the demise of the North West Regional Development Agency in 2010.

The agency was due to have provided much of the funding. According to the Blackpool Gazette, the entire project which is thought to include food other than fish or seafood, is likely to cost around £18-million. The figure was £15-million three years ago.Councillor Gordon McCann, who heads Wyre Council’s economic portfolio, told a recent meeting of the local authority that officers from the council and Blackpool bay Area Company visited the Great Grimsby Seafood Village and returned “with a very positive outlook on the Grimsby scheme” which was developed by local processors.

These processors had also offered to assist Fleetwood should the port decide to proceed with the project on the West Coast. Further investigation is costs and practicality will take place before a final decision is made.