FISHupdate magazine means an exciting new beginning –

FISHupdate magazine means an exciting new beginning Published:  07 February, 2006

FROM next month, Fishing Monthly links up with its sister monthly publications European Fish Trader and Fish Farming Today to create FISHupdate, a new monthly magazine for the fishing industry which will cover all sectors.

We have taken this step in the knowledge that the fishing industry is becoming more integrated with many fishermen involved for example in the marketing of their raw material and indeed in the processing sector. The aquaculture sector too is becoming more integrated and is closely aligned to the mainstream processing sector.

Our pledge is to maintain and build on our coverage of the commercial, processing and aquaculture sectors over the years but also to provide you with a much broader and comprehensive picture of what is happening across a very broad spectrum.

The 21st century has already brought vast changes to the seafood industry. Commercial fishermen, processors, and those involved in aquaculture are more interdependent than ever before. And in a professional arena where change is constant,comprehensive industry information is a vital tool for survival.

As a response to this climate of change, we are launching FISHupdate which will be the first comprehensive monthly magazine to provide complete coverage of the latest news in the catching, processing, and aquaculture sectors.

FISHupdate will be full of: reviews of the newest fishing vessels, related political news and views covering all the industry sectors, advancements in processing technology, changes in government regulations, key developments in the aquaculture sector current trends in pricing/marketing/and auction news, the latest developments in fish health, coverage of exhibitions and industry events, and much more.

FISHupdate will, we underline, combine the heritage of Fishing Monthly, European Fish Trader, and Fish Farming Today magazines. Our experienced staff and contributors promise to provide the knowledge you need, to make your business a success in the competitive and changing world of seafood.

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