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Fishupdate Friday briefings Published:  16 August, 2013 BEWARE FISH WITH AN UNWELCOME BITE! NORDIC males have been warned to keep their trunks on after a new species of Piranha style fish has been discovered in Swedish waters which like to go for men’s testicles. Called the pacu fish, it is a relative of the more vicious Piranha. It was found by fishermen in southern Swedish waters over a week ago, and there have also been reports of it appearing in Danish waters. The freshwater fish has reportedly been responsible for the deaths of two Pacific area fishermen who died from blood loss after it attacked their testicles. “Keep your swimwear on if you’re bathing in the Sound these days – maybe there are more out there!” National History Museum in neighbouring Denmark warned this week. However, some observers say the danger has been overstated.


WHOLESALE fish prices in parts of India have soared by more than 130 per cent over the past five years . One reason is thought to be India’s growing appetite for fish, aided by a rising per-capita income, but it is also thought that stocks are depleting leading to shortages. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India said the index value of fish was just over 126 during 2008-09 that shot past 291 in 2012-13 due to a combination of factors like falling fish catch stemming from rising water pollution, dumping of plastic and other harmful materials in the sea, absence of organized retail in fish trade, persistence of age-old distribution system, post-harvest losses, rising operating costs due to unabated diesel price rise and other such reasons resulting in high wastage and spoilage of fish resources.


A CHEF from the Mississippi region has been crowned the King of American Seafood. David Crews, who is the executive chief of a private farm and hunting reserve called Six Shooter Land and Timber, won the title at the annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off in New Orleans. His winning dish consisted of Southern Nicoise Salad  with crusted lump crab, tuna loin crusted with pork loins.


REPORTS from Vietnam suggest the country’s seafood exports during the first quarter of  this year could be down  by up to 13 per cent with a total value of $1.15 billion. Vietnam is a major exporter of farmed fish to the UK, Europe and North America. The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers said the country’s  fish and shrimp exports did not see bright signs so far this year. Meanwhile, the Association has attacked a decision by the US Department of Commerce to impose an additional tariff  or tax of 4.5 per cent on Vietnamese shrimp which is describes as being unfair.