Fishstock Brixham wins best event tourism award –

Fishstock Brixham wins best event tourism award Published:  01 October, 2012

Fishstock Brixham has won the Herald Express English Riviera and South Devon Tourism and Hospitality Award 2012 as best Tourism Event of the Year.

Jim Portus (CEO of SWFPO Ltd), John Anderson (Brixham Fishermen’s Mission Superintendent) and members of the Fishstock Brixham Team were presented with the Award at a glittering Gala Ceremony hosted by the Herald Express at the Riviera International Centre in Torbay on 28th September.After the award Jim Portus said: “This wonderful event for the Fishermen’s Mission could not happen without an amazing team of volunteers, supporters, stewards and also the backing and consent of the Brixham Fish Market landlords and tenants and their teams of hard workers. When everyone pulls together in the same direction the results are amazing!”I pay tribute to the Torbay Harbour Authority, Brixham Harbour Master, Brixham Trawler Agents, Brixham Tourism Partnership and Brixham Town Council for their bottomless support and understanding. Together their work-teams and many other individuals transform a busy working Fish Market into a vibrant exhibition centre, Seafood & Music Show for 5,000 people, then back again to a Fish Market, all within 48 hours. It is a miracle of vision, planning and execution and I am completely in awe of the wonderful people who give such time and energy to make this machine come to life for a smashing end-of-summer day-out for all the family that raises so much cash for the Fishermen’s Mission.”It seems so inadequate, but “thank you so much”, to all of you who helped, for being a part of the team that has put Fishstock Brixham on the map of Torbay and South Devon events.”I am utterly elated for you all. Your efforts have paid-off.”You are the wonderful team of people that make Fishstock Brixham possible and who deservedly are winner of the Herald Express English Riviera & South Devon Tourism & Hospitality Awards Tourism Event of the Year 2012.”You volunteers are an inspiration to anyone and this is your Award.”Thank you so much for coming back time and again to endless meetings and briefings. Without proper planning there can only be poor performance.”You have proved that Fishstock Brixham can be a wonderful and fun fund-raiser for the Fishermen’s Mission.”

Jim Portus also thanked the many sponsors and support groups of this year’s event including, Astra Zeneca, Brixham Association of Chefs and Hoteliers, Brixham Council, Brixham Tourism Partnership, Brixham YES at The Edge, Billingsgate Seafood Training School, Castles Kitchens, Coombe Fisheries, Kitsons, Langdon & Philip, Maritime International Solutions, RNLI, Seafish, Stamp & Go Concert, St. Austell Brewery, South Devon College, SWFPO Ltd, Simon Jones’ Team, Yeovil College, Greenway Ferry & Leisure Cruises, Bay’s Brewery & Castang Wines, 200 Squadron (Brixham) ATC and Sound Events.