Fishing quota proposals for mackerel and hake in Spain –

Fishing quota proposals for mackerel and hake in Spain Published:  18 November, 2010

The Spanish Govenrment’s Ministry of Environment and Rural adn Marine Affairs (MARM) has sent a proposal to the fisheries sector to improve the management of fishing quotas in 2011 for mackerel and hake to prevent premature depletion of catch possibilities.

For mackerel, this would mean lowering the daily limits to less than half of those for this year.

During the year, the bottom trawlers of the North Cantabrian were able to catch 18,000 kilograms of mackerel per day. The MARM proposed for 2011, that it should be limited to 8,000 kg per vessel per day.

With respect to the purse seine fleet in 2010, every ship over 100 GT could capture 18,000 kg per day, and those less than 100 GT, could catch a maximum of 9,000 kg. The amendment proposed would mean that the two types of vessels can catch every day no more than 8,000 kg.

This year, fishing vessels other than bottom trawlers and purse seiners were able to capture 1,000 kg per day per crew member on board, but with the reform, it will only be 2,500 kg per day, per vessel.

The official plan also provides that the Directorate General of Fisheries and Aquaculture shall state monthly usage figures for the mackerel quota to professional associations of the fleets concerned and the National Federation of Fishermen.

Additionally, if the consumption of quotas for each of type of fleet reaches more than 90 per cent of the total amount allocated, the Government shall order the closure of the fishery to those vessels.

On the other hand, government officials first proposed a division of the possibilities for catching hake in Iberian waters, between different types of fleet.

The draft provides for trawlers of the Northwest coast of the Cantabrian Sea to have 50.31 per cent of the total share, with 17.99 per cent for gill net vessels, 7.63 per cent for the bottom longline fleet and 9.96 per cent for minor arts crafts.

The bottom trawlers off the coast of Portugal would be left with 4.52 per cent and those in the Gulf of Cadiz, with 7.59 per cent.

The MARM also aims to distribute fishing quotas in 2011 every three months and declare the closure of the fishery for minor arts crafts if its share for each quarter reaches a 70 per cent consumption.

For other fleets, it will be when they reached 90 per cent.