Fishing in regions must be protected – Borg –

Fishing in regions must be protected – Borg Published:  08 December, 2009

EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg has spoken about the need to make the Common Fisheries Policy work for the needs of the outer regions of the European Union.

He said small scale fisheries play an important role in the social fabric of these regions and it was important they were protected.

Mr Borg was speaking at a conference in the Canary Islands when he revealed that the Green Paper on the reform of the CFP was now beginning to take shape. Next year the EU planned to begin analysing the various contributions.

For small fishery operations he said: ‘That is why, in looking at the future of our small-scale fleet, the Green Paper refers to the need for safeguards for small-scale fisheries. Such safeguards may be required, for instance, to avoid excessive concentration of ownership or other negative effects that may arise where more market-oriented management leads to fleet adaptations in line with market demands.’

On fish farming, Mr Borg added: ‘The Commission’s communication on aquaculture, adopted in April seeks to give new political impetus to the sustainable development of EU aquaculture. We want to make EU aquaculture more competitive, while ensuring sustainable growth and improving the sector’s image and governance. To that end, the Communication promotes sustainable practices, technological developments, spatial planning processes and the publicising and the promotion of aquaculture products.’

Mr Borg said the Commission was now entering the final month of the CFP reform consultation and he wanted to ensure everyone had their say on the future of EU fishing.

Meanwhile, Maria Damanaki, a former left wing Greek political activist, has been proposed to be the new EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. Once imprisoned by the Greek military junta she is due to stand for election early next year and could eventually take over for Joe Borg. Her fishing credentials are not known.

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