Fishermen rescued after eletrical failure –

Fishermen rescued after eletrical failure Published:  08 April, 2013

Lifeboat volunteers from Sunderland RNLI Station scrambled into action for the seventh time this year on Sunday, 7 April, to help three fishermen, after their boat suffered electrical failure off Seaham.

The rescue mission was launched shortly before 2.10pm when Coastguard Officers based at Humber Coastguard Marine Rescue Coordination Centre received an emergency VHF radio message from the crew stating that their vessel was drifting after losing power half a mile East of Seaham Harbour Entrance.

Officers immediately contacted James Jamieson, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Sunderland RNLI to request the launch of their Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat Wolseley.

A shore-based Coastguard Rescue Team from Seaham was also tasked to the incident to assist with locating the stricken vessel.

The lifeboat launched 10 minutes later with four volunteers onboard under the command of Helmsman Anthony Jobling.

Anthony Jobling, Helmsman at Sunderland RNLI said: ‘Thankfully the crew onboard the fishing vessel were well equipped and were able to follow the advice of the Coastguard to deploy their anchor to hold them in position until we arrived.’

The vessel and its crew (three male adults from Sunderland) were quickly located and taken in tow by the inshore lifeboat back to their own moorings at Deptford, Sunderland.

The fishing vessel and the RNLI inshore lifeboat were met at Deptford by a team of volunteers from Sunderland Volunteer Life brigade (VLB).

Anthony added: ‘While the crew onboard were unfortunate to suffer an electrical problem; the fact that they were well equipped with lifejackets; VHF radio; and an anchor made it a very simple; safe rescue for our volunteer crew. We encourage any pleasure boat users to take advantage of our free ‘Safety Advice Onboard’ scheme; which will offer advice on what equipment is required and how it can be used to keep you safe while at sea.’