Fish Vet Group appoints top USA team –

Fish Vet Group appoints top USA team Published:  22 September, 2011

Hernan Pizarro

PORTLAND, MAINE, USA: SEPTEMBER 2011:  Fish Vet Group (FVG) has appointed a team of three aquaculture health specialists at its U.S.A. office in Portland, Maine. Kasha Cox, Hernan Pizarro and Jason Collins join FVG Inc. to provide aquaculture health services to producers of farmed fish, shellfish and crustaceans across the Americas.

Business Development Director Kasha Cox moves to FVG Inc after a six-year positon as Sr. Territory Manager for Sales and Technical Service for the  U.S Aquatic Animal Health Business with Merck (previously Intervet/Shering-Plough Animal Health Corporation). With over 25 years of experience in the aquaculture industry, Cox has owned and was president of Aqua Health Laboratories Inc., co-founded a leading aquaculture supply distribution company and worked as a fish health consultant for catfish farming operations and financial institutions in the Mississippi Delta. Sheholds a B.Sc. degree in fisheries management from Mississippi State University and served as adjunct research faculty member for the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Hernan Pizarro joins FVG Inc. as Technical Services Director, moving from his most recent position as leader of the commercial development of Pfizer’s technical product portfolio for aquaculture worldwide. Pizarro brings with him 15 years of experience that includes  developmentof a breakthrough pathology process specific to the aquaculture business, and commercial introduction of clinical services and vaccines specific to salmon and tilapia.

Regional Sales and Technical Manager Jason Collins moves to FVG from fish health product wholesaler and supplier Europharma, where he was Account Manager for the U.S. and East Coast of Canada. With 11 years of experience in the aquaculture business, Collins provides a technical link between science companies and fish producers and has worked extensively in North America, Canada, the UK, Norway and Chile.

Total aquaculture health at the heart of the industry

Talking at the FVG office in Inverness, Scotland, David Cox, FVG Director, said, “Our growth in the U.S.A. is demand led. The aquaculture industry is young and vibrant in the Americas, and its accelerating growth brings many challenges, especially in the health and welfare of species that are new to commercial production for thefood chain. Positioning a team of top aquaculture health experts at the heart of America’s aquaculture region, within Portland’s marine science district at the Gulf of Maine Research Instititute,  brings us closer to our customers. It enables us to further develop our partner relationships, quickly diagnose and treat any health or welfare issues and help aquaculturists implement sustainable fish health and welfare programmes at every stage of production.”

Pizarro added, “FVG is one of very few companies with the expertise and the right approach to truly provide a total aquaculture health offering. It is small enough to progress ideas to market quickly but mature enough to understand industry issues. We are delighted to join such a well established company and are looking forward to developing in the Americas the same high quality of service FVG is renowned for in Europe and Asia.”

About Fish Vet Group

Fish Vet Group is an aquaculture health business owned by Benchmark Holdings Ltd.  At the core of its total aquaculture health service is a leading team of Veterinary Surgeons and fish health biologists offering on-farm clinical services and world –class histology and biology. FVG’s service is complemented by a growing pharmaceutical portfolio of fish healthcare and biosecurity products that include Salmosan® and Virasure®. Fish Vet Group operates in Europe, the Americas and Asia, providing independent veterinary, clinical, environmental, biosecurity, educational and auditing services. The company works extensively with government and non-government organisations, fish farms, fisheries, regulatory authorities, academics, pharmaceutical, feed companies and retail chains to develop sustainable food chain systems.

Kasha Cox, Hernan Pizarro and Jason Collins can be reached at Fish Vet Group Inc: +1 207 699 5901