Fish merchant honoured –

Fish merchant honoured European Fish Trader Published:  30 December, 2003

One of the country’s most colourful fish merchants, Dan Garnett from Clovelly in North Devon, is to receive a Pride in Seafood Award recognising his personal contribution to the UK’s seafood industry

The awards are part of the UK-wide Pride in Seafood Campaign – launched by the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) to boost the seafood industry’s image and publicly recognise contributions made to the industry by outstanding individuals, companies and organisations.

Dan, better known in the locality as “Dan the Fishman”, was selected to receive the award by a panel of industry experts. He is well known throughout the markets of North Devon for his enthusiastic approach to selling seafood, generally undertaken using a brightly painted Edwardian barrow and wearing a highly distinctive fishmonger’s apron and hat.

For almost ten years, Dan has been selling more than 30 different varieties of fresh fish and shellfish on his barrow – with 90 per-cent sourced from local fishermen. He is passionate about seafood in all its forms – as well as selling it, he also advises his customers on recipes and preparation tips.

Dan is delighted to receive the award, but modestly claims he is only one component of the industry that he serves so well. “I am the friendly face that my customers associate with the excellent seafood we get here in Devon,” he says.

“But the real accolades should go to the local fishermen who are doing such a great job in providing me with such a high quality product. I am very proud of the local fishing industry and what we have been achieving over the last ten years.

“Our seafood industry is currently riding on the crest of a wave here in Devon. We are producing some of the best quality fish available anywhere in the UK, and as a result, my business is booming. People are finally realising just how delicious fresh local varieties of local seafood really are – like the Clovelly herring which is now in season and one of my current biggest sellers.”

Congratulating Dan, Chris Venmore, a Seafish Board Member said: “While there is no denying that some parts of the UK seafood industry are currently facing difficult issues, it is important to remember the good work that is also taking place. Dan makes a huge contribution to changing people’s perceptions about seafood, and is a real champion of our industry.”