Fish health focus for coarse fish meeting –

Fish health focus for coarse fish meeting Published:  24 September, 2007

OVER 60 people attended this year’s Coarse Fish Meeting, held at Sparsholt College in Hampshire.

In its second year of being held, the meeting, organised by Sparsholt College and Aquatic Consultancy Services, has continued to grow with over 60 attendees representing a wide range of interests from government, fish farmers, fish vets and fishery managers.

Prior to the main day of presentations and talks, many delegates went on a tour of the college’s impressive fish facilities, including the college fishery, salmonid hatchery and the modern National Aquatics Training Centre.

The morning selection of talks included “Finding Fish Viruses” by Paul Burr of Biobest Laboratories Ltd, who looked at the methods and practicalities of working with and detecting recent or novel viruses. This was then followed by Chris Williams and Nigel Hewlett of the Environment Agency who updated the audience on recent research into Category 2 parasites and how the list has been modified, along with an overview of work strategies planned at Brampton to improve understanding of fish diseases. To close the morning session, Jim Mackie looked at the potential benefits of micro nutrient inclusion in diets to boost immune responses in fish.

After lunch, and a huge amount of discussion by delegates regarding the earlier talks, Kevin Denham of CEFAS, Weymouth delivered an update on the current situation with Koi Herpes Virus and ongoing research into this threatening disease. Next up was Mordi Haimi, of Mag Noy Ltd in Israel, who addressed the development and use of the KHV vaccine on their Koi farms and described how the vaccine allowed them to live with the virus. The last speaker of the day was Bernice Brewster, of Aquatic Consultancy Services, who looked at the Animal Welfare Act and how it may potentially impact upon not only fish businesses but angling itself.

Throughout the day, a great deal of discussion followed all of the talks and many points raised highlighted the need for further investigation and collaboration between all sectors of the fish industry to meet the challenges that face the industry as a whole.

Next year’s meeting is planned for early September 2008. is published by Special Publications. Special Publications also publish FISHupdate magazine, Fish Farmer, the Fish Industry Yearbook, the Scottish Seafood Processors Federation Diary, the Fish Farmer Handbook and a range of wallplanners.