Fish friers will become key route for Norway seafood sales drive –

Fish friers will become key route for Norway seafood sales drive Published:  15 September, 2011

THE Norwegian Seafood Export Council, which has just announced a major UK sales drive, has told Fishupdate, that fishing policies are higher than ever on the current news agenda – thanks in part to Hugh (Fearnley-Whittingstall’s)  Fish Fight campaign on television this year.

Following this, the British seafood market is about to see the launch of a new and unique large-scale campaign from Norway entitled  FISK.FøREVER  with sustainable fishing at its heart.

Export Council director Johan Kvalheim explained why: “As Norwegians we are proud of the commitment we make to better management and harvesting of the cold clear Norwegian waters – which we began several decades ago. When it comes to sustainable fishing regulations Norway is rated number one by the UNFAO, and Norwegian Seafood is endorsed by four internationally recognised eco-labels. We feel that the time is right to raise awareness of this in the UK.

“The aim of our UK marketing campaign is to educate the fish trade and consumers that there is a positive and sustainable choice when it comes to enjoying seafood – including cod and haddock fished from Norwegian waters.”

Year one of the campaign will primarily focus on trade advertising in key sectors: Retail, HoReCa, Supply Chain and Fish trade. Year two will see the balance shift to a consumer focused campaign promoting provenance and sustainability with the aim that consumers will ask for Norwegian seafood when eating out and doing their weekly shop. More detail on the consumer activity will be released once trade distribution is confirmed and will take the form of tailor-made retail partnerships.

The Norwegian Seafood Export Council said with over half the UK population visiting fish and chip shops once a month, and with friers key buyers of Norwegian cod and haddock, these establishments were a key route to influencing the consumer.

FISK.FøREVER would drive awareness of the quality of Norwegian seafood to fried fish trade and would raise awareness of sustainability at the same time. The fish friers campaign will start in October.