Fish Deal Is Very Bad Joke –

Fish Deal Is Very Bad Joke Fishing Monthly Published:  22 December, 2002

SCOTTISH National Party Euro MP Ian Hudghton has condemned the outcome of last week’s EU fish talks as a “disaster deal” for Scotland’s fishing dependent communities.

Speaking on Saturday on his return to Scotland Mr Hudghton said,

” This week we have witnessed the worst example ever of a flawed EU decision making process, like a pantomime without the jokes, aggravated by an incompetent performance on the part of the UK delegation

” It is incredible that the UK actually voted in favour of this disaster deal, which will be the ruin of many fishing dependent communities around Scotland.

” The Spanish have saved their hake fishery and won access to the North Sea, the Danes have preserved their sandeel fishery, the Dutch have resisted major cuts in their key quotas. Meanwhile, Scotland is betrayed yet again by a pathetically incompetent UK Minister, who failed to fight our corner, and then voted for a suicidal proposal.”

Scottish fishermen’s leaders meet Ministers tomorrow, Monday,to discuss the industry’s future.