Fish and Chip newcomers on north east study tour –

Fish and Chip newcomers on north east study tour Published:  10 December, 2012

Fish and Chip newcomers award entrants on northeast study tour.

Three fish and chip businesses, both current and past entrants of the Best Newcomer Award category at the UK Seafish National Fish & Chip Awards, enjoyed an educational trip to Peterhead last week, as guests of Seafood Scotland.

Chamberlains Quality Fish & Chips of Oldbury, Blackstocks Quality Fish & Chips of Chester and Frydays Fish & Chips Emporium of Old St Mellons, visited Peterhead to see how Scottish haddock and cod is caught, processed and supplied to the UK fish and chip shop sector.

The fryers visited Peterhead Fish Market to take in the atmosphere and learn how fish is bought and sold at auction, followed by the control tower to see how the busy harbour is managed.

An invitation to see onboard a fishing boat was one of the highlights of the trip, and provided first-hand knowledge of the way in which whitefish is caught, prepared and stored onboard to ensure it reaches market in prime condition.The final part of the chain was demonstrated by Sustainable Seafood Scotland, which processes a lot of fish for the fish and chip shop sector.

“We were ‘blown away’ by what we saw and learnt on this trip, said Gareth Gordon, of Blackstocks Quality Fish and Chips. “We are always looking to add new things to the menu so an insight into what is available and how the supply chain works, was very helpful. We can now pass on everything we learnt to the staff and or inquisitive customers!”

Sarah Holmyard, marketing manager at Seafood Scotland, said: “Visits like this are a great way for companies to learn about the wide variety of sustainable seafood available from Scotland. Quality ingredients are key to the success of fish and chip shops and we are delighted they were so impressed by what they saw in Peterhead.”