Fischler Bidding For Support –

Fischler Bidding For Support Fishing Monthly Published:  29 October, 2002

A FISHERMEN’S spokesman said tonight that he believed EU fisheries commissioner Franz Fischler was looking for the fishing industry to support a reversion to his own cod recovery plan.

But Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chief executive Hamish Morrison queried Mr Fischler’s reference to the fact that the Commission had always been prudent over North Sea haddock, whiting and cod management but had been put off its game by the Council of Ministers.

“These stocks have always been decided in EU-Norway talks led by tbe Commission and they have never been overturned by the Council of Ministers, so what is the man talking about?

“My own feeling reading all the way through Mr Fischler’s statement this week is that he is looking for the industry to support him to get back to his own cod recovery plan and I think that is what we will do.

“I think we will say we do not agree with ACFM who have condemned the Commission cod recovery plan on the basis it will last too long and the outcome is uncertain.ACFM have urged its replacement with a proposal of indeterminate length and of uncertain outcome and it is now certain if their plan is adopted the overwhelming majority of the Scottish fishing industry will be annihilated.”

But at the same time, the federation’s own policy,much more tailored to deal with the problem rather than Fischler’s one size fits all approach, had to be taken on board by the Commissioner.