Fischler Announces Romanian Aid –

Fischler Announces Romanian Aid Fishing Monthly Published:  01 August, 2002

FISHERIES Commissioner Franz Fischler has released funds of €789 million to Romania in order to support the investment in processing and marketing of agriculture and fishery products.

The funds will be released in equal amounts of €157.8 million each under the Sapard programme and will be accompanied by technical assistance from the European Commission.

Making the announcement, Commissioner Fischler said: “This is good news. I know that the road to the SAPARD funds has been cumbersome and I am pleased that now the money can now begin to flow.”

The Special Pre-Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (Sapard), provided for in Council Regulation EC No. 1268/1999, aims to support the efforts made by the Central and Eastern European candidate countries as they prepare for their participation in the Common Agricultural Policy and the Single Market.