First round of VHS testing proves negative –

First round of VHS testing proves negative Published:  26 June, 2006

THE first round of testing for the VHS virus on fish farms within the

Yorkshire Ouse designated area has proved negative.

As a result, the National Control Centre at the Centre for

Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), Weymouth has

advised Defra that certain live fish movements to, from and within

the affected area may now be considered upon application to the Fish

Health Inspectorate. Currently only dead fish may be moved from

farms within the affected area, and fish must be gutted before being

moved out of the area.

The Designated Area around the Ouse catchment area is under constant

review and, pending the findings of the on-going epidemiological

investigation, it may be possible to reduce and redefine the area

under restriction.

A second round of testing is currently in progress and results are

expected by mid July.

The live fish movement restriction does not apply to the movement of

ornamental fish to or from pet shops and aquaria.

VHS has no implications for human health.