Finnie Stays In Fishing Role –

Finnie Stays In Fishing Role Fishing Monthly Published:  20 May, 2003

THE NEW Scottish Cabinet sees Fisheries Minister Ross Finnie keeping his job, it emerged today.

Mr Finnie said today he had enjoyed -and would continue to enjoy- the rural affairs and environment role.

However both the processing and catching sectors said that they did not share Mr Finnie’s sentiments.

Rhona Grant of the Scottish Fish Merchants’ Federation said:”Mr Finnie says he enjoyed the last four years and is looking forward to the next four. Not many in the fishing industry would say the same.”

And Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association secretary George MacRae said:”One can only hope this time round, Mr Finnie listens to the industry and pursues issues facing us with a little bit more imagination, enthusiasm and commitment.

“Unfortunately, unlike Mr Finnie, fishermen did not enjoy the last four years and look forward to the next four with trepidation as to what political disasters will befall them.

“One can only hope Mr Finnie will put pressure on Westminster to give a strong lead to rid us of the straitjacket of the effort limitation scheme.”

A Scottish Executive spokeswoman confirmed Mr Finnie was staying in the fisheries role.

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