Fife Fishers Left Out –

Fife Fishers Left Out Fishing Monthly Published:  19 December, 2002

FISHERMEN from all over Scotland recently staged a rally to protest against proposed European Union fishing quota cuts.

Both neither the Pittenweem Fishermen’s Mutual Association nor Fife Fish Producers’ Organisation was told about the plans to march through Edinburgh to Holywood.

William Hughes, manager of Pittenweem FMA, believes there may have been more representation from the Fife area if fishermen had been notified.

He said: ” A lack of knowledge would have meant there would be few people from the area who would have gone.

” There is need to try and encourage the ordinary person who buys Scottish fish to be supportive of the fishing industry”.

The march saw fishermen from all over Scotland express their anger and fear about the EU proposals aimed at preserving the fish stocks in the North and Irish Seas.