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Federation Underlines Commitment To Fight EU Deal Fishing Monthly Published:  27 December, 2002

THE Scottish Fishermen’s Federation executive today vowed to fight the controversial EC fisheries deal in an effective and determined manner.

But Hamish Morrison, the federation’s chief executive said that as things stood many boats could go to the wall.

“This deal represents a law which says that for a certain class of whitefish boat, it is forbidden from earning any more than half of what it earned in the previous year

“That spells financial ruin.”

And the worst aspect is that it is anti-conservation.

“You get most days at sea by carrying the smallest mesh and the least days carrying the largest.

“And there are serious implications from the way this interim days arrangement has been put in as an annexe to the TAC and quota regulation.

They had to quantify the loss faced by skippers next year against a background of varied fishing practice and patterns despite Commission strategy being deeply flawed.

“Essentially it is commercially oppressive, anti-conservation and it looks on the face of it very difficult to enforce.

“Meanwhile we are trying to persuade the Scottish Executive to match the industry’s efforts by making an investment in the fixed costs of the vessels when they are tied up.”

The federation would stress to Prime Minister Tony Blair when they met him on a date to be arranged,the “constitutional improprieties” inherent in the way the Commission now adopts a position in fisheries management.

“We cannot believe it was ever intended that we should see Commission representatives openly intimidating ministers of elected Governments.”