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Federation Lodges Cod Protest Paper Fishing Monthly Published:  25 April, 2003

THE Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has produced a detailed critique of the scientific assumptions and calculations underlying the cod recovery plan and days at sea scheme.

And the paper, which has been presented to an expert scientific group that will meet in Brussels between 28th April and 7th May to develop a long-term recovery plan for cod highlights the “failure” by scientists to give sufficient credit for technical conservation measures introduced by the Scottish Fleet in the past three years.

It also castigates the ” crude and exaggerated estimate” of the mortality in cod’s associated species (haddock and whiting).

These problems, says the federation, have been further compounded by inconsistency amongst national administrations in the calculation of discards together with survey information that is drawn from the wrong locations and is up to two years old by the time it is factored into quota calculations.

“The evolution of conservation measures for cod has reached a critical stage,” said Hamish Morrison Chief Executive of the SFF.

“There is no longer any prospect of meeting the original target of agreeing a long-term recovery plan by mid-2003. It is important therefore to use the extended timescale to ensure that the final plan is effective and sensitive. This implies that the science base must be sound, comprehensive and respected by fishermen. ”