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Federation Issues Election Briefing Paper Fishing Monthly Published:  01 April, 2003

THE Scottish Fishermen’s Federation today unveiled its briefing paper for candidates at the forthcoming Scottish election.

The briefing material focuses on aspects of the fishing industry, which are devolved, but the federation points out that the Scottish Parliament has shown no hesitation, in its first term, to comment forcefully on the “reserved” aspects of fishing politics..

The federation says during the next session of Parliament some important reforms to the CFP will be given effect.

” Most of these initiatives will require increased involvement by stakeholders in fisheries management. As government is a key stakeholder it is important that the Scottish Executive supports and campaigns for these necessary reforms and that Scottish Officials play a leading part in those decentralised institutions where Scottish interests are at stake.

“The Federation urges the Parliament to become the champion of the development of marine sciences in Scotland.

“This objective must amount to more than improving the scientific aspects of fisheries management. The goal should be nothing less than the creation of an international centre of excellence in the marine sciences in Scotland.”