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Fatty fish may reduce risk of kidney cancer Published:  21 September, 2006

A 15-year study, carried out on 61,433 Swedish women, has revealed that fatty fish may significantly reduce the risk of contracting kidney cancer. Eating fatty fish, such as salmon and herring, which are rich in omega-3 and vitamin D, at least once a week, reduced a woman’s chance of getting the disease by 44 per cent.

Those who ate the fish more regularly lowered the stakes by a further 30 per cent, thus giving them a 74 per cent chance of avoiding kidney cancer.

The fatty acids present in the fish are thought to slow the development of the cancer, and in comparison to lean fish, which purportedly has no disease-halting properties, contains “up to 30 times the amount of certain acids and up to five times the level of Vitamin D.”

Indeed, Alicja Wolk of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, comments: “The name fatty fish may frighten some people, but this kind of fat is healthy so I would recommend people eat fatty fish, not lean, because you can get much more benefits.” She further states: “Fatty fish per definition has more calories but the benefits are so overwhelming.”

The research did not comment on whether fatty fish aided in the prevention of other types of cancer.

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