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Faroe publishes key new fishing document Published:  29 April, 2008

A NEW information brochure, presenting an up-to-date overview of Faroese fishing policy and its approach to fisheries management and aquaculture, has just been published.

Entitled “Faroe Islands Fisheries & Aquaculture – Responsible Management for a Sustainable Future” the publication has been produced in English for wider consumption.

It has been produced by the Ministry of Fisheries and Natural Resources in cooperation with other relevant government ministries and agencies, scientific institutes and fisheries associations.

The 28-page brochure outlines the main elements of Faroese fisheries management today. These include legislation and administration, scientific assessment and advice, monitoring, control and enforcement, and international cooperation, as well as the regulatory framework for aquaculture, in addition to food safety and control standards in the processing sector.

The effort management system for ground fish fisheries in the Faroese 200-mile fisheries zone is described, in addition to the associated regulations for closed areas and other measures that take account of fisheries in the marine ecosystem, including the development of environmentally-friendly fishing gear.

The brochure also highlights marine environmental protection, fisheries research and development, health and safety at sea, as well as employment conditions in fisheries, and training and education opportunities in the maritime sector in the Faroes.

A government spokesman said: “The brochure contains an overview of inter-governmental fisheries management and environment organisations in the North Atlantic region in which the Faroes participate, as well as a full list of web links to relevant Faroese government ministries and agencies and industry associations.”

It also features an overview of the main species fished and farmed in the Faroe Islands, with illustrations by the Faroese artist, Astrid Andreassen.

Fish farming, which began in the 1970s with the rearing of rainbow trout, is playing an increasing role in the country’s economy. There are now more than two dozen sites owned by a number of companies and aquaculture is now thought to contribute around 30 per cent of the country’s total exports.

Last year, the Faroe Islands introduced modest new catching curbs in its cod, haddock and saithe stocks. Unlike its neighbour Iceland and the EU, which regulates by catch quota, the Faroe Islands uses the ‘days at sea’ method to control fishing activity.

The system is designed to prevent fishermen from throwing excess fish back into the sea and was introduced over a decade ago. Generally, it is much preferred by the country’s fishermen.

A copy of the booklet can be obtained by contacting Faroe Islands Fisheries and Aquaculture, or through the website www.fisk.fo

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