EU Opening to Norwegian Fish –

EU Opening to Norwegian Fish European Fish Trader Published:  03 December, 2002

THE EU is opening up to give Norwegian fish exporters better market entrance without demanding rights to gain part of the Norwegian fleet’s catch entitlements.

The 15 EU-countries finally agreed on their strategy before the negotiations with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein regarding the expansion of the EU, said Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidene.

The discussion went on until late in the night regarding one important point for Norway; Portugal wants it written in the text that a possible lower tax for Norwegian fish going to the EU market “will demand” an opening for EU companies to invest in the Norwegian fleet.

Sweden and Finland refused to accept the wording and suggested a softer approach; lower taxes “could demand” an opening for investments in the Norwegian fisheries fleet.

When the time was up, Portugal had also accepted the wording of Norway’s neighbouring countries according to a source speaking to Bergens Tidene.

A source in the Norwegian foreign office said to BT that the nuance in the text is very significant for Norway. But the Norwegian government is not commenting on the EU’s posiiton on the case before the negotiations are finally decided next week.

Board leader of the Norwegian Fishing Boat Owners Association, Sigurd Teige said: “The Swedes and Finns involvment here is a pleasant surprise. I also believe that this wording could be vital for being able to further with the negotiations.”