EU confirms anti-dumping case –

EU confirms anti-dumping case Published:  26 October, 2004

THE European Union has started an anti-dumping case against imports of Norwegian salmon.

A spokesperson from the European Union Trade Commissioner’s Office was able to confirm to that the anti-dumping case was initiated on 23rd October.

“The case is in reaction to a complaint from European salmon producers in Scotland and Ireland,” said the spokesperson. “They put forward information that showed that there was dumping of salmon into the European Union and that they were being damaged by these imports.

“What we have done is to initiate an investigation. This doesn’t pre-judge what the outcome will be. We will gather information from producers in Europe as well as exporters in Norway and also ask importers and consumers about their views – then we will have to make a decision.”

The spokesperson explained that an anti-dumping procedure normally has two stages – a provisional stage which is within 9 months from the opening of the case when provisional measures can be imposed which would last until 15 months from case opening. Then there is the definitive stage when the EU have to decide on measures covering a period of five years or the case is closed.

According to the spokesperson, the anti-dumping case will have no real impact on the provisional safeguard measures already imposed by the EU on salmon from Norway and other non-EU producers.

“We are continuing discussions with Norway and other trading partners in order to find a long-term solution. This solution could make the anti-dumping case superfluous but this is only a possibility,” said the spokesperson.

They also could not confirm whether the EU will be investigating an anti-subsidy case against Norwegian salmon producers.

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