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English Twin-riggers Heading For Same Basis As Scots Fleet Fishing Monthly Published:  10 June, 2003

THE UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced that it intends to put English prawn vessels on the same basis as their Scottish counterparts by changing the regulations which apply to vessels that fish with twin rigs.

The changes will allow English vessels using twin rigs in parts of the North Sea to fish for up to an additional 10 days. They tackle an anomaly in the operation of the current effort limitation scheme which has been adopted to help cod recovery in the North Sea and other areas.UK rules on the mesh size that twin rig vessels must use mean that some vessels were limited under the cod recovery programme to fishing for 15 days a month.

Twin rig vessels fishing in other parts of the recovery area could use smaller mesh and fish for up to 25 days.The changes to UK legislation will remove this anomaly and put English twin rig vessels on the same basis as Scottish ones.The Scottish Parliament has already adopted these changes and has introduced a change in the twin rig rules which allow 95 mm mesh in areas where 100 mm was previously required.At the same time, the current twine thickness rules which apply to nephrops fishing with 70 – 99m mesh nets will now apply to 70-94 mm mesh nets. Defra intend to make the same changes.