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English Fishers Have Too Few Options Fishing Monthly Published:  16 May, 2003

LACK of sympathy for English fishermen who face financial pressures but who do not necessarily want to decommission vessels was condemned today.

Barrie Deas, Chief executive of the Grimsby-based National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations said:“What is missing in England is recognition and support for those wanting to stay in the industry and do what is necessary to build up stocks.

“ There is a lack of sympathy and understanding over this and in England it is a case of decommissioning or nothing.”

Meanwhile figures released today shows that the agricultural and fishing labour forces in England fell by 52,000 in 2002 compared with a 26,000 drop in 2001.

Commenting on the increased fall, Liberal Democrat shadow fisheries minister Andrew George said :“It is vital that jobs losses in fishing are stemmed through a recovery programme which concentrates less on decommissioning and more on measures which will see the long term survival of the industry.”

Fishermen should be able to contribute to research,coastal management and protection with finance provided to tie up boats for agreed periods.