Eat more fish and stay healthy –

Eat more fish and stay healthy Published:  28 August, 2006

Dr Rosemary Stanton

WE would all be healthier if we ate more fish, according to Australia’s best known nutritionist Doctor Rosemary Stanton.

Dr Stanton was speaking at the opening of the Skretting Australasian Aquaculture Conference in Adelaide.

She says increasing the per capita consumption of seafood in Australia would reduce the incidence of several major illnesses including heart disease stroke and diabetes .. and significantly reduce personal suffering and the cost of health cover.

Dr Stanton told the conference that fish was the best source of Omega 3 and Vitamin B12 and was low in saturated fats and an excellent source of protein and iodine.

She said Australians ate far too much fat, sugar and salt and not enough vegetables.

Ms Stanton said most men only ate fruit when someone else peeled it for them.

Another speaker at the international gathering of fish farmers said more people should be eating sea cucumbers.

The title of Cathy Hair’s talk was “a sea cucumber a day keeps the doctor away”

Cathy says the Chinese have been using sea cucumbers in medicine since the Ming Dynasty.

Apart from being used as a general tonic sea cucumbers are used to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, eczema, high blood pressure and whooping cough.

Most of Australia’s sea cucumbers are exported to China.

Sea cucumbers were Australia’s first export.

Indigenous Australians from north west Australia used to trade sea cucumbers to Chinese traders as early as the 16th century. This was at least 200 years before the European invasion of Australia.

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