Do something Fishy on Friday 24th June –

Do something Fishy on Friday 24th June Published:  19 May, 2011

Whether you’re a fish ‘n’ chip shop, restaurant, business or group of friends make it a day to remember by taking part in FISH FRIDAY.

Fish and Chip shops: ask your customers to donate their spare change into a (clean) welly on the counter, or make a donation for each cod sold. Wacky ideas are fantastic for generating press coverage and funds. So why not dress up, get in a bath of curry sauce, or even put on a Fish Tucker Trail with some of the less popular cuts of fish and really get heads turning!

Restaurants: take part in our fantastic restaurant initiative, or put on an auction or raffle. You could even hold a fish filleting evening, selling tickets and teaching customers how to prepare fish and allow them to eat the results!

Why not get a group of friends together for a ‘Big Fish Supper’? Cook it at home or get it from your favourite chippie, but ask your guests to make a donation to the Mission. Holding a raffle on the day is also a fantastic idea for generating some extra funds. Fancy dress is a sure fire way of making your evening go off with a bang!

Maybe you could wear wellies to work, or have a fish ‘n’ chip lunch in the staff canteen, or take away form the local chippie? Don’t forget to ask colleagues to make a donation to the Mission on the day!

There really are 1000’s of ways you can raise money, raise awareness and have fun on FISH FRIDAY. The Fishermen’s Mission has an excellent team to help you every step of the way to insure your fundraising venture is a great success for everyone involved.

Please ring 0800 634 1020 or e mail to get your fundraising pack and get involved in FISH FRIDAY 24th June.