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Diving Safety Stressed by HSE Fish Farming Today Published:  26 July, 2002

The aquaculture industry must improve its diving practices, says the HSE

THE Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is to re-issue guidance to the aquaculture industry to try and prevent tragic diving accidents from happening on fish farms.

HSE inspectors will follow this up with a campaign of unannounced visits to fish farms to make sure correct procedures are being followed.

If inspectors find fish farmers are not using the guidance and, therefore, diving is unsafe, they will take immediate on-site enforcement action.

Frank Murray, HM Principal Inspector Diving Scotland, said: “Poor diving practices are widespread throughout the fish farming industry. In view of this, HSE intends to take strong enforcement action when dealing with non-compliance of the relevant regulations.

“Diving under any circumstances is potentially dangerous. When diving on fish farms the dangers dramatically increase. Diving inside the cages can be disorientating due to the swirling fish shoals, and the diver can be buffeted by the fish.”