DEFRA offers chance to appeal against 2012 realignment figures –

DEFRA offers chance to appeal against 2012 realignment figures Published:  28 February, 2012

DEFRA is offering English fishermen the chance to appeal against their proposed realignment figures for 2012.

The announcement follows in the wake of Defra writing to all producer organisations on 10 February informing them of the proposal to undertake a permanent realignment of fixed quota allocations (FQAs) associated with consistently underused quota.

The Department’s aim was to identify fish stocks for which some of the UK’s quota is held but consistently unused by one part of the fleet, and could be caught by another part of the fleet.

Defra is carrying out this exercise before final quota allocations for 2012 so that producer organisations can make business decisions for the year. They intend this to be a permanent realignment of quota, and therefore of the FQAs associated with that quota.

Defra has decided to put back the realignment of FQAs until 2013 and carry out only a realignment of quota in 2012. Realignment will only involve English licensees that are members of English producer organisations.

The Department will consider any appeals with evidence against the proposed realignment figures for the producer organisations that are submitted by March 9, either in writing or by email to:

Defra Domestic Fisheries Management Reform Team

Area 2CNobel House17 Smith SquareLondonSW1P 3JR


The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) will continue to engage with all parts of industry as well as working closely with Defra on this issue to source the correct FQA data and ensure it is reflected correctly in the Under-10 metre pool.