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Danish Worry Over Norway Salmon Production Fishing Monthly Published:  11 March, 2003

NORWEGIAN investments in cod farming could become a serious threat to EU fishermen’s livelihood according to Danish fishermen, who are claiming farmed salmon have ruined markets in the Baltic.

Meanwhile, Norwegian plans for large-scale cod farming could result in a ‘cod deal’, forced on Norway modelled on the recent salmon deal.

For the level of cod, which could be produced by Norway over the next ten years, will create price pressure and disruptions in the market according to a report quoting Egon Saekkelund, director of the Danish Fishermen’s Production Organisation.

And he said that Norway cannot stay outside the EU yet imagine that they can send large quantities of farmed cod into the EU market, as well as Russian and Norwegian wild caught cod, without Danish fishermen reacting.

“The result could very well be a deal similar to the salmon deal, which sets minimum prices and regulates quantum for the export of cod from Norway to the EU,” Mr Sekkelund forecast.