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Danish fishermen call for end to “EU paralysis” Published:  03 July, 2012

DANISH fishermen have criticised the European Union of decision paralysis which, they say, is hampering effective reform of fish polucy.

While agreeing the Fisheries Council of Ministers plans for a new policy have come a long way and that a broad framework has been agreed, the influential  Danish Fishermen’s Association says it is vital that this paralysis is loosened up.

In a statement, the association declared: it was neither beneficial to the fish stocks or to fishermen that virtually all developments within the EU Common Fisheries policy were brought to a standstill, because of disagreement one or two particular issues.

Commenting after last month’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, which resulted in broad agreement on banning discards, the Danish Fishermen’s Association chairman Mr Svend-Erik Andersen said one example was over cod in the North Sea and Baltic which required certain policy changes. But it was difficult to get those because of fixed situations.

He wanted to see a redistribution of power within the EU set up with less top down management from Brussels  so the necessary changes would be implemented effectively.

On the annoncement to end discardes, Mr Andersen said: “The devil is now a time in detail, so we will probably have to wait until well into 2013 before we know the final content in the new EU Common Fisheries Policy and to assess the real consequences for the Danish fishermen.”

He also suggested that there was still a long way to go before the CFP reforms fell into place.