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Danes Angry Over Illegal Catches Fishing Monthly Published:  11 December, 2002

DISCOVERIES of Danish industrial catchers with illegal white fish catches on board could make negotiations over the EU’s future fisheries policy particularly difficult for Denmark, according to Danish sources.

The incidents have been criticised heavily in Denmark by many in the fisheries sector.

And Danish politicians and fisheries organisations fear that this could weaken Denmark’s position in next week’s deciding negotiations regarding EU’s common fisheries policy.

The Danish industrial fisheries have for many years been strongly criticised by other EU countries and this case has given critics new verbal ammunition for the upcoming negotiations in Brussels.

Chairman of the Danish Fisheries Industry and Export Association, Peder Hyldtoft said that he did not think the effect of the situation should be underestimated: “It is very stupid to put the focus on ourselves in such a way.”

Bent Rulle, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association also strongly disapproved , but pointed out that on the positive side, it shows that Denmark’s control measures work. “In other EU countries it is far from as efficient.”