Crown Estate Announces Award Details –

Crown Estate Announces Award Details Fish Farming Today Published:  20 June, 2003

DETAILS of research projects approved for funding by the Fish Farming Research Committee for 2003/2004 amounting to ‘new money’ worth £116,000 have been announced by the Crown Estate. This is in addition to £77,500 committed for this year by the Committee at last year’s meeting giving an overall total of £193,500.


· £46,000 to Scottish Quality Salmon to research in-vessel composting as a safe method for the treatment of fish farm mortalities and processing by-products.

· £18,500 to FRS Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen, to facilitate the identification of risk factors for the control of IPN in farmed salmon in seawater.

· The Federation of Scottish Aquaculture will receive £15,000 to part fund the development of a code of practice for fish health, husbandry, environmental management and welfare in aquaculture.

· £6,763 to the North Atlantic Fisheries College, Shetland, to aid the monitoring of harmful algal blooms on the west coast of Scotland.

Approved continued funding:

· An additional £6,108 to Aberdeen University for ongoing research into host odour traps for the capture of sea lice, bringing total funding to £52,930 over two years.

· Mylnefield Research Service Ltd with project partners SCRI/Marine Harvest (Scotland), Dundee University and FRS, has been awarded a further £29,997 for research into fish farm nitrogen and its area of biological impact. Total funding for this project over two years comes to £68,497.

· The British Marine Finfish Association, in collaboration with Stirling University, will receive an additional £4,500 for continued research into halibut broodstock nutrition.