Crown Estate Allow Reductions In Rental Charges –

Crown Estate Allow Reductions In Rental Charges Fish Farming Today Published:  04 November, 2002

THE Scottish salmon farming industry has successfully negotiated a reduction in rental charges payable to the Crown Estate, which will translate to annual savings of around £250,000 to the Scottish industry,or between eight and ten per cent of the present annual rent.

The reduction will give the hard-pressed salmon farming industry a much needed breathing space although industry leaders had pressed for a more significant reduction.

The agreement is at present before members of the industry for approval and will have to be signed before the end of the year.

General manager of the Shetland Salmon Farmers’ Association (SSFA) David Sandison, who was a member of the industry’s negotiating team, said he was pleased that the Crown Estate had started to recognise the difficult situation salmon farmers were in.He said:”The industry made a very strong case for rent reduction, based on the extremely competitive global position and the very poor margins farmers continue to work within.

“I am happy that, finally, the Crown has recognised its duty to ensure a more equitable position. I calculate that the industry in Shetland will have gained close to £500,000 from this deal over the next five years.”

A spokeswoman for the Crown Estate said no comment would be issued until the negotiations have been concluded.