Commission Bids To Change Cod Rules –

Commission Bids To Change Cod Rules Fishing Monthly Published:  03 April, 2003

PROPOSED amendments to temporary cod conservation measures applied since February 1 will not undermine their effectiveness, Fisheries Commissioner Franz Fischler said today.

Proposed changes include:Reviewing the area covered by this effort scheme so it corresponds to the same area temporarily closed to cod fisheries in 2001.

More flexible definition of “days out of port”. Currently, such a day is defined as “the 24-hour period between 00.00 Hrs of a calendar day and 24:00 Hrs of the same calendar day of such a time period”. The Commission proposes to retain this definition and to add “or any continuous period of 24 hours from the time of departure from port or any part of any such a time period”.

The possibility of transferring fishing days from smaller to larger vessels if this does not involve any increase in fishing effort.

Clarifications including: calculating days out of port for vessels which fish both inside and outside the areas covered by the effort scheme as well as for vessels changing fishing gear which determines the number of days allowed;ensuring that vessels passing through the areas covered by the effort scheme are not affected by it;specifying the need for Member States to acknowledge where vessels could not fish due to exceptional circumstances including breakdowns or adverse weather conditions.Introduction of special provisions for vessels fishing with large net mesh sizes and whose impact on cod is low.Extension of the possibility of allocating additional sea days where decommissioning affects all fleet segments.