Commercial Fishing and Maritime Industries highlighted in 2012 –

Commercial Fishing and Maritime Industries highlighted in 2012 Published:  27 October, 2011

“The oceans around Africa offer massive potential, from commercial fishing and maritime trade to offshore oil and gas development. Maritime opportunities form the focus of the co-located Fish & Marine Africa 2012 and Oil & Gas Africa 2012 trade exhibitions.

Both shows provide perfect international focal points for business networking and stakeholder matchmaking in these sectors,” says John Thomson, Managing Director of Exhibition Management Services, organisers of Fish & Marine Africa and co-organiser of Oil & Gas Africa.

The exhibitions take place simultaneously from 13 to 15 March 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

“South Africa has an important strategic role to play in the regional and global maritime sectors; the government is starting to recognise the importance of the maritime industry to growth and development in the region, and what needs to be done to support it,” adds Thomson. “Also, Government’s commitment to policy change bodes well for stakeholders in the sector.”

“Fishing is a primary industry which provides various forward and backward linkage opportunities, including fishing and boating equipment and harbour infrastructure, along with processing and packaging of a multitude of products – exactly the areas served by the Fish & Marine Africa Expo,” adds Thomson.

“The country is also developing a lucrative mariculture industry with significant local employment potential and growing wild fish exports. The demand from emerging economies like China and India for fish products is underpinning the local fishing industry. Buyers from these countries will most certainly be coming to the exhibition to source supply.”

The South African maritime industry can soon expect a Green Paper which will address many of the legislative and regulatory developments it has long been lobbying for, according to Deputy Transport Minister Jeremy Cronin.

Policy Brings OpportunityThis year the ECOFISH joint research project between South Africa, Namibia and Angola was launched by the Benguela Current Commission in Windhoek. Its aim is to modernise management of key marine fisheries in those regions, and improve the scientific assessment of hake, horse mackerel and sardinella, three fish stocks considered most important to the fishing industries and the livelihoods of fishers and fish workers.

The signing next year of the Benguela Current Convention, a treaty between Angola, Namibia and South Africa will ensure the long-term conservation, protection, rehabilitation and sustainable use of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem.

The N$37-million renovation of the National Marine Information and Research Centre of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Swakopmund will be completed by November. It will also become the headquarters of the Namibian mariculture industry, the Benguela Current Commission and Seafo.

Maritime Sector has Untapped PotentialAt the 106th session of the Council of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London earlier this year, Transport Minister S’bu Ndebele acknowledged that Africa has yet to assume its rightful place in the international maritime industry.

“Africa has the lowest intra-regional trade levels of any region in the world and is the only region in the world with no merchant tonnage under its control to handle coastal and seaborne trade,” said Ndebele. “We must use our seat on the IMO Council to develop our maritime sector, create jobs and grow the economy.”

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) is equally bullish about the industry’s potential. “The maritime sector has the potential to be the new growth curve of the South African economy,” says Tsietsi Mokhele, SAMSA’s CEO.   “South Africa is strategically positioned to serve the west and east coasts of the continent by sea and establish itself as a regional and global transhipment hub serving global trade routes.” On Board for 2012The Fish & Maritime Africa 2012 exhibition presents a powerful venue for stakeholders in the fishing and maritime industries to connect and explore opportunities. A number of repeat exhibitors have already registered for the show, including African Maritime Services, Alnet, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Marine Radio Acoustic Devices, Radio Holland South Africa, Telkom and Trawltech.

Fish & Marine Africa is the 8th South African International commercial fishing and marine services exhibition. The event brings together under one roof, industry leaders and key decision makers of the related fields from all over globe. Fish & Marine Africa is a superb platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to over 3800 trade’s only buyers.

Fish & Marine Africa is a must-attend show for potential buyers looking for the most innovative fishing and marine equipment and services and finding out about creative fishing packaging and distinctive menu items. Visitors to the event come from over 34 different countries, with South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Ghana, Congo, Zimbabwe and Nigeria being the highest attendees from the African countries.

It also includes many industries related to the sea and maritime aspects, like boats, engines, radios, safety equipment and much more.

For more information contact John Thomson at Exhibition Management Services. Tel 011 783-7250 or e-mail