Cod Crusader Appeals To Braveheart Spirit –

Cod Crusader Appeals To Braveheart Spirit Fishing Monthly Published:  14 January, 2003

ONE of the “cod crusaders” fighting to save the Scottish fishing industry has appealed to the country’s “Braveheart” spirit to preserve the sector.

Fraserburgh-based Caroline Bruce told that the Scottish fleet have again been made a mockery of in the annual EU fish talks round

She said perhaps if US president George Bush was contacted he could inform UK prime minister Tony Blair of the crisis that is facing Scotland.

“ God only knows we’ve tried to get his (Mr Blair’s) attention to address the matter but not surprisingly he’s not interested. Maybe he thinks Scotland is a foreign country but then again if we were, we’d probably get more of his attention.”

All fishermen have asked for is the right to work, no more, no less.

But how can any family survive on an income of the equivalent of only nine days working?

“The fact is our government has failed us.

“Some of us pretend this isn’t happening, others think it a nightmare and as for the rest of us it is already reality. Anyone who has visited Fraserburgh lately will be aware of all the boarded up shops, a lot of what is left is charity shops. Hogmanay was an even worse scene as every shop had boards on the windows against vandalism at the bells at midnight. Maybe this was just an insight of what is to come, the ghost of Christmas future!”